Beast Herds (v2021 beta 2)

Uprooted Tree

Melee Weapon.
Attacks made with this weapon hit automatically and have their Strength set to 5 and their Armour Penetration set to 0.

Beast Axe

Close Combat Weapon
Attacks made with this weapon gain +1 Strength, +1 Armour Penetration, and always strike at Initiative Step 0.
The wielder gains +2 Defensive Skill unless wielding another weapon.
This weapon cannot be enchanted with Weapon Enchantments from the List of Common Special Items.

Beer Barrel

Shooting Weapon.
The bearer gains Looted Booze.
Once per game, the weapon may be used as a Shooting Weapon with the following profile:
Range 8", Shots 1, Str 4, AP 0, Area Attack (3x3), Reload!, hits automatically.
After being used as a Shooting Weapon, the bearer loses Looted Booze.

Hurl Attack

Artillery Weapon.
Catapult (4×4). Range 6–36″, Shots 1, Str 3 [7], AP 0 [4], Divine Attacks, Magical Attacks, [Multiple Wounds (D3, Clipped Wings)].
A Cyclops that only Pivots (and moves no further) during its owner’s Movement Phase ignores the to-hit modifier from Moving and Shooting in the next Shooting Phase