Magic banners
Saurian Ancients (v2021 beta 2)

Tree Frog Banner

Close Combat Attacks from Skink* model parts in the bearer’s unit becomePoison Attacks.*The following model parts are considered Skinks:Skink Captains, Skink Priests, Skink Braves, Skink Hunters, Chameleons, Pteradon Sentries – Rider only, RhamphodonRiders – Rider only, Taurosaur – Crew only, Stygiosaur – Skink Rider only, Thyroscutus – Crew only.

Totem of Mixoatl

The bearer’s unit gainsHard Target (1).One use only. May be activated at the start of a Round of Combat. Until the end of the Round of Combat, enemy unitsin base contact with the bearer’s unit suffer −3 Offensive Skill.