Warriors of the Dark Gods (v2021 beta 2)

Hell-Forged Armour

Armour Equipment.
Follows the rules for Plate Armour (can be enchanted as if it was Plate Armour). The wearer’s model gains Aegis (5+, against Toxic Attacks).

Spiked Shield

Models on foot only.
Follows the rules for Shields (can be enchanted as if it was a Shield). For each successful Armour Save roll of 4+ made by the bearer against a Melee Attack while using a Spiked Shield, the bearer immediately inflicts 1 hit with the bearer’s Strength and Armour Penetration against the model that caused the wound, before any casualties are removed, distributed onto the model’s Health Pool. This is considered a Special Attack.

Colossal Cleaver

Melee Weapon
The wielder gains +1 Attack Value. Attacks with Colossal Cleaver gain +1 Armour Penetration, and Battle Focus.
The wielder must Pursue and Overrun whenever possible.

Monstrous Familiar

Universal Rule.
The model gains Wizard Apprentice. Instead of selecting spells as normal, it must select a single spell (during Spell Selection) from the following list: Breath of Corruption (Occultism), Pentagram of Pain (Occultism), or Hellfire (Hereditary Spell).

Giant Club

Melee Weapon
Attacks with Giant Club gain +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration.

Tribal Warspear

Close Combat Weapon.
Attacks with a Tribal Warspear gain +1 Strength and Multiple Wounds (D3, against Towering Presence). Charging enemy units in base contact with the wielder suffer −1 Agility. The wielder gains War Platform and Not a Leader with the following exception: it can only join units that include at least one R&F Barbarians model.