Nippon (v2.2.2)

War Fan

Close Combat Weapon.
The War Fan always counts as a Shield against Ranged Attacks (and can be used differently depend- ing on the chosen Dance, see Kabuki Dance).


Shooting Weapon.These crow's foots are used when the model makes a Stand and Shoot reaction(additionally to the model's other shooting attacks). This causes a further -1 to Hit modifierfor the Stand and Shoot reaction for all models that are equipped with Caltrops. The enemy unit deducts D3" from its Charge Range. Models with Flyor Ghost Stepare not affected.

Horo Cloaks

Armour Equipment
The bearer gains +1 Resilience against Ranged Attacks. This has no effect on Flaming Attacks or Toxic Attacks.

Paired Katana

Close Combat Weapon.
This weapon follows the rules for Paired Weapons. In addition, attacks made with Paired Katanas gain +1 Armour Penetration.
Alternatively, this weapon can be used as a Katana (see above). The bearer can decide how to use this weapon at step 2 of the Round of Combat Sequence.

Fire Arrows

Artillery Weapon.
Cannon. Range 48′′, Shots 1, Str 3 [7], AP 10, [Multiple Wounds (D3, Clipped Wings)].

Horo Cloak

Models equipped with Horo Cloaks gain +1 Resilienceagainst Ranged Attacks.This has no effect on Flaming Attacks orToxic Attacks.


Close Combat Weapon
Attacks made with this weapon gain +1 Strength and +1 Offensive Skill. Katanas can be enchanted as if they were Hand Weapons.

Naginata (Halberd)

No-Dachi (Great Weapon)


If there are either at least 3 models with Standard Size or 2 models with Large Size in a unit equipped with Sashimonos, the unit countsas having one more Rank than normal. Note that the maximum Rank bonus for the Combat Score is +3. If at least half of the models of a unit have Light Troops, the unitadds+1 to itsCombat Score instead.


Shooting Weapon
Range 12′′, Shots: 2, Strength as user, Armour Penetration as user, Quick to Fire.


Armour Equipment
Sode grant +1 Armour and can be enchanted with Shield Enchantments from the Common Special Equipment section.


Close Combat Weapon.
When used by infantry models, Yari count as Spears.
Mounted model parts using a Yari gain +1 Armour Penetration and have their Strength set to 5 for as long as they are charging.

Yumi (Longbow)