Reglas Especiales
Legiones Demoníacas (v2021 beta 2)

Acid Blood

Special Attack.
For each Fortitude Save the model fails against Melee Attacks, the model that caused the wounding hit immediately suffers 1 hit with Toxic Attacks, before any casualties are removed, distributed onto the model’s Health Pool.

Avert Your Gaze

Universal Rule.
Enemy units within 6” of one or more models with Avert Your Gaze suffer -2 Discipline when taking Combat Reform tests.

Big Brother

The model’s Health Points are set to 8, and its base size is changed to 75×100 mm. The roll for the number of
hits from its Stomp Attacks is subject to Maximised Roll.

Mountain Breaker

Universal Rule.
The model gains +2″ Advance Rate when rolling for Charge Range against units that consist entirely of models with Towering Presence in the Charge Phase.
In addition, the model’s Impact Hits gain Multiple Wounds (D3, against Towering Presence).

Colossal Stature

Universal Rule.
The model counts as Gigantic for the purpose of determining the number of Full Ranks.

Know Thyself

Universal Rule.
At the start of the Initiative Step in which the bearer’s Close Combat Attacks will be performed, choose one model part from each enemy model in base contact and add their Attack Value Characteristics, excluding any modifiers, to the Attack Value of Kuulima’s Deceiver.
At the end of each Round of Combat, the bearer’s Attack Value is set to 1.

Tightening Grasp

Special Attack.
The model gains Grind Attacks (X), and can make Grind Attacks as Supporting Attacks, ignoring the maximum number of Supporting Attacks. When the model is not Engaged in Combat, X is set to 1.
At the start of each Round of Combat other than the First Round of Combat, if the model is Engaged, X is increased by +1 (e.g. Grind Attacks (1) becomes Grind Attacks (2)).


Personal Protection.
For each Health Point loss the model causes with Close Combat Attacks, roll a D6 at the end of the Initiative Step.
For each rolled 4+, the model gains +1 Health Point.
When the model has 18 Health Points, all units within 9″ immediately suffer 2D6 hits with Toxic Attacks, and the model is removed as a casualty

Divine Right

Universal Rule.
The model cannot join units with other Characters and other Characters cannot join its unit. The model must issue a Duel whenever possible (this cannot be prevented by issuing a Duel with another friendly model first). This duel must (if possible) be accepted by a Character unless a Champion accepts first. In addition, when fighting a Duel, the model gains Lethal Strike and Multiple Wounds (2).

Dominion of Envy

Universal Rule.
The model’s Close Combat Attacks allocated towards models equipped with Close Combat Weapons other than Hand Weapons (regardless if they are using them or not) gain +2 Offensive Skill.

Dominion of Gluttony

Universal Rule.
The model must reroll natural to-wound rolls of ‘1’ with its Melee Attacks.

Dominion of Greed

Universal Rule.
The model gains +2 Defensive Skill while its unit is in base contact with an enemy Scoring Unit.

Dominion of Lust

Universal Rule.
The model gains Strider. When rolling their Charge Range in the Charge Phase, units consisting entirely of models with Dominion of Lust must reroll failed Charge Range rolls if they are Located in the Charged unit’s Flank or Rear Facing.

Dominion of Pride

Universal Rule.
Units with more than half of their models with this rule may reroll failed Discipline Tests.

Dominion of Sloth

Universal Rule.
The model gains Aegis (+1, against Special Attacks).

Dominion of Wrath

Universal Rule.
The model’s attacks ignore Parry.


Units composed entirely of models with Elusive may declare a Flee Charge Reaction despite being Fearless.

Greater Dominion

At the start of each friendly Player Turn, you may choose one friendly unit within the Commanding Presence range of the model with Greater Dominion.
All R&F models in the chosen unit gain the Dominion rule in the Character’s unit entry until the end of the next Player Turn.

Engine of Damnation

Universal Rule.
The model’s base is changed to 150x100mm and its Height to Gigantic. Its Health Points are set to 7, Resilience is set to 6, March Rate is set to 15”, and it loses War Platform.

Strixian Spirit

Universal Rule.
The model changes its Height to Gigantic, gains Fly (6”, 18”), Light Troops, and +1 Health Point.

Rising Star

Universal Rule.
Each time attacks made by the model kill an enemy model in a Duel, the model gains a +1 Combat Score modifier for the rest of the game.

Falling Star

Universal Rule.
The model’s Offensive Skill and Defensive Skill are set to twice the model’s current number of Health Points.
The model counts as a Character for the purpose of Duels. When the model fights a Duel during a Round of Combat, it gains Stubborn until the end of the Round of Combat.


Universal Rule
The Standard Bearer can cast the spell stated in brackets as a Bound Spell with Power Level (5/8).

Giant See, Giant Do

Universal Rule.
The model gains Fearless and Supernal. In addition, at the start of each friendly Player Turn, before taking any Frenzy Tests, the model must take a Discipline Test that is modified by −X, where X corresponds to the difference between the number of Health Points that the model started the game with and its current number of Health Points. If failed, the model gains Battle Focus and Frenzy until the end of the game.

Hellish Growl

Universal Rule.
At the start of each Round of Combat, enemy units in base contact with one or more models with Hellish Growl must take a Discipline Test with a -1 modifier.
Failed to-wound rolls from attacks made by the model against units that fail this test must be rerolled. The effect lasts until the end of the Round of Combat.

Half Off

Personal Protection.
If the model suffers a wound from an attack with Multiple Wounds (X), reduce X by half, rounding fractions up.


Universal Rule.
During Spell Selection, each unit of Veil Serpents must choose a Manifestation from the list below and apply the effects during the game.
• Writhing Nightmares
• Mesmerising Plumage
• Chilling Yawn


Universal Rule.
In the owner’s Magic Phase, if the model did not March Move or declare a Charge this Player Turn, the cost of converting Veil Tokens into Magic Dice is decreased to 2:1 during this Player Turn (1 Magic Dice per 2 Veil Tokens).

Veil Stalker

Universal Rule.
The model follows the rules for Ambush with the following exceptions:
When the unit arrives, the owner may choose to place it within 6″ of an enemy model with Channel (instead of entering the Battlefield from the Board Edge). If so, it cannot perform any Advance Moves this Movement Phase (note that this does not prevent the unit from performing a Reform).

Razor Tentacles

Attack Attribute – Close Combat.
If the attack is allocated towards an enemy R&F model while the attacker is Engaged with the Flank or Rear Facing of the target’s unit, the attack gains Area Attack (1×5), and its Strength and Armour Penetration are set to half the model’s [the model’s] Strength, respectively Armour Penetration, rounding fractions up. This is done after applying other modifiers.


Attack Attribute - Close Combat.
If the attack is allocated towards a Large model, it gains +1 to hit and +1 to wound.

Spell Craving

Attack Attribute - Close Combat.
The model can perform up to 3 Supporting Attacks. When determining Combat Score, a side with at least one model with Spell Craving Engaged in Combat adds +X to its side’s Combat Score, where X is the number of non-Bound non-Attribute Spells known by enemy Wizards in units in base contact with it.

The Path of Dal-Magoth

Universal Rule.
Instead of selecting spells as normal, the model must select the following Learned Spells during Spell Selection.
If it is a Wizard Apprentice:
• Smite the Unbeliever (Thaumaturgy)
If it is a Wizard Adept:
• Know Thine Enemy (Divination)
• Smite the Unbeliever (Thaumaturgy)
If it is a Wizard Master:
• Know Thine Enemy (Divination)
• Ancestral Aid (Evocation)
• Smite the Unbeliever (Thaumaturgy)
This replaces the normal rules for Spell Selection associated with being a Wizard Apprentice, Adept, or Master.

Third Eye

Universal Rule.
At the beginning of each friendly Charge Phase, draw the Flux Card for that Player Turn instead of step 2 of the Magic Phase Sequence.

Writhing Nightmares

Enemy units in base contact with one or more models with Writhing Nightmares suffer −1 Discipline.