Estandartes Mágicos
Bastiones Enanos (v2021 beta 2)

Runic Standard of Dismay

Units charging the bearer's unit suffer -2" Advance Rate for their Charge Range roll.

Runic Standard of Swiftness

The bearer's unit gains Vanguard.

Runic Standard of the Anvil

Friendly units charging enemy units Engaged in Combat with the bearer's unit must reroll Failed Charge Range rolls.

Runic Standard of the Hold

0-3 per Army.
A unit with one or more Runic Standards of the Hold counts as having an additional Full Rank for the purpose of Steadfast and Disrupted.

Runic Standard of Shielding

(Battle Standard Bearer, Deep Watch, and King's Guard only.)
All friendly units within 6" of the bearer gain Aegis (5+) against Shooting Attacks.

Runic Standard of Wisdom

The bearer may choose a single Battle Rune during Spell Selection. This Battle Rune can be cast by the bearer and has Range: Caster's Unit.

Runic Standard of Steadiness

One use only. May be activated at the start of any Movement Phase. The bearer’s unit gains Quick to Fire until the end of the Player Turn.