Estandartes Mágicos
Elfos Nobles (v2021 beta 2)

Banner of Becalming

In the opponent’sMagic Phase, during Siphon the Veil before converting Veil Tokens into Magic Dice, remove one Veil Token from theopponent’s Veil Token pool and add one Veil Token to your Veil Token pool.

War Banner of Ryma

R&F model parts without Harnessed in a unit with one or moreWar Banners of Ryma gain Devastating Charge (+1 Str). In addition, all Infantry models in the unit gainDevastating Charge (+1″ Adv).

Navigator’s Banner

R&F models in the bearer’s unit gain Distracting in the FirstRound of Combat against attacks from enemies Engaged in the bearer’s unit’s Front Facing.