Estandartes Mágicos
Reino de Equitania (v2021 beta 2)

Banner of Roland

The bearer’s unit gains Aegis (+1, max. 4+, against Ranged Attacks). Inaddition, enemy units cannot choose Stand and Shoot as a Charge Reaction when reacting to Charges made by thebearer’s unit.

Banner of the Green Knight

One use only. May be activated during theowner’s Movement Phase. The bearer’s unit gains +2″ March Rate, Ghost Step, and loses Scoring. All friendlyunits are treated as Impassable Terrain. The effects last until the start of the next Player Turn.

Banner of the Last Charge

R&F Cavalry models in the bearer’s unit gainImpact Hits (X), where X is equal to the number of Full Ranks in the unit. These Impact Hits are resolved withStrength 4 and Armour Penetration 1.


The bearer gains Fear.
Enemy units in base contact with the bearer's unit cannot benefit from Rally Around the Flag.