Reglas Especiales
Reino de Equitania (v2021 beta 2)


Universal Rule.
When the model is joined to a unit with at least one Full Rank of models with Lance Formation, it gains Stand Behind and cannot be chosen by the opponent as the model that suffers the penalties for refusing a Duel.


Universal Rule.
0–2 Models/Army.
The Castellan gains Stand Behind and is a Standard Bearer.


Universal Rule.
The model may only join units comprised entirely of models with Insignificant.

Bowmen's Stakes

Universal Rule.
When deploying the unit, you may place a Wall Terrain Feature fully within 1″ of the unit’s Front Facing but not in contact with any other Terrain Feature except Open Terrain. This Wall is up to 20 mm deep, and its length cannot be wider than the unit, to a maximum of 12″. It follows the normal rules for Walls, with the exception that it contributes to Soft Cover instead of Hard Cover


Attack Attribute - Shooting.
Before shooting a Longbow, the model may choose to use Braziers to gain Flaming Attacks for its Shooting Attack. Effects last for the duration of the Phase.

Eternal Champion

Universal Rule.
The Green Knight cannot be deployed during the Deployment Phase. Once per game, at the start of any of your Movement Phases, you may deploy The Green Knight within 6″ of a friendly Damsel.
The Green Knight cannot perform a March Move this Player Turn.
If The Green Knight has not been deployed by the end of the game, it counts as destroyed.
While The Green Knight is within 12″ of a friendly Damsel, it gains Stubborn and may Issue and Accept Duels as if it was a Champion.

Forlorn Hope

Personal Protection.
Enemy models do not count as charging for the purpose of Devastating Charge when attacking models with Forlorn Hope.

Holy Fervor

Universal Rule.
A unit joined by a Sacred Reliquary gains Fight in Extra Rank. If the Sacred Reliquary is in base contact with an enemy model, the Sacred Reliquary and all friendly units that are Engaged in the same Combat gain +1 Armour.

Forest Guide

Universal Rule.
The model’s unit gains Magical Attacks and Strider (Forest).

Loose Formation

Universal Rule.
The model gains Hard Target (1) and Skirmisher.

Lance Formation

Attack Attribute - Close Combat
The model gains Fight in Extra Rank.
If more than half of a unit’s models have Lance Formation, it only needs to be 3 models wide in order to form Full Ranks. In addition, the model gains Devastating Charge (Fight in Extra Rank) if its unit is exaclty 3 models wide.

Giant See, Giant Do

Universal Rule.
The model gains Insignificant, Serf, and Light Armour.

Grail Oath

0-1 Characters with Grail Oath per Army.
- Universal Rule.
The model gains Fearless.
- Personal Protection.
The model gains Aegis (5+). Characters with Grail Oath gain +1 Defensive Skill.
- Attack Attribute - Close Combat.
The model part gains Magical Attacks. Characters with Grail Oath gain +1 Offensive Skill.

Holy Migh

Attack Attribute - Melee.
The model part can make up to 2 Supporting Attacks while its unit has at least one Full Rank.


Universal Rule.
A unit consisting entirely of models with this rule may reroll failed Charge Range rolls. The model gains Frenzy and Fearless while Engaged in Combat.


Universal Rule.
The Castellan gains +1 Attack Value and its unit gains Weapon Master.

Knighted Giant

Universal Rule.
The model gains Devastating Charge (+3 Str, +3 AP), Impetuous, Oath of Fealty, Heavy Armour, and loses Insignificant and Serf.

The Blessing

The model gains Aegis (6+). Before rolling for the first turn (at the beginning of step 7 of the Deployment Phase Sequence), decide if the Kingdom of Equitaine army Prays or not. If it does, friendly models with The Blessing gain an additional Aegis (5+, against Strength 5 or more), and the army cannot gain any bonus to the Roll for First Turn.

Oath of Fealty

Universal Rule.
The model gains Commanding Presence with the following restrictions: It has a range of 6″ and can only benefit units with more than half of their models with Serf.

Pure of Heart

Universal Rule.
Only Damsels and Characters with Grail Oath may join a unit with this rule.

Questing Oath

- Universal Rule.
The model is immune to the effects of Fear from enemy models. Models with Questing Oath gain +2 Advance Rate when rolling for Charge Range against enemy units with at least one model with Fear.
- Attack Attribute - Close Combat.
The model part gains +1 to-hit with Close Combat Attacks against models with Fear


A unit gains +2 March Rate until the end of the Movement Phase if both the following conditions are met:
- more than half of its models with Type Infantry and/or Cavalry have Serf and
- the unit is under the effect of Commanding Presence from one or more models with Oath of Fealty at the start of its March Move.

Serf (Help! Help! I’m being Oppressed)

Universal Rule.
The model loses The Blessing and gains Insignificant, Serf, and Vanguard.

Serf Helper

Universal Rule.
The model gains a Shield.

Thrice Blessed

Personal Protection.
The Green Knight gains The Blessing.
If the Army Prayed, The Green Knight gains Aegis (+1).