Reglas Especiales
Orcos y Goblins (v2021 beta 2)

Pursuit Mode

Universal Rule.
The roll for the distance moved with Random Movement in the Movement Phase is subject to Maximised Roll (consider only the used 3 dice for the purpose of Shambolic).

Oi it bites!

Units with model with Oi it bites! cannot be joined by Characters.

Spider-Mother Shrine

Universal Rule.
All friendly Wizards within 12" of the model with Spider-Mother Shrine gain Channel (1). The model mounted on the Gargantula knows one additional Learned Spell (if availabe).

Belly Flop

Special Attack.
When declaring a Charge, the model may declare to perform a Belly Flop in the First Round of Combat. If so, this Special Attack must be made against the Charged unit at the model’s Agility.
• The Charged unit suffers 1 hit with Str 5, AP 2, and Area Attack (3×4).
• The model’s Defensive Skill is set to 1, it cannot perform any other Special Attacks nor Close Combat
Attacks, and it becomes Shaken.
The effects last until the end of the Round of Combat.


Universal Rule.
The Wyvern gains Devastating Charge (+1 Str, +1 AP), and its base size is changed to 75×100 mm.


Universal Rule.
May only join units of Gnasher Dashers and other Characters on Cave Gnasher (ignore the restrictions under Oi it bites!).

Born to Fight

Close Combat.
The model part’s Close Combat Attacks gain +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration during a Round of Combat
● If it is the First Round of Combat.
● Or if the model part’s unit is Steadfast at the start of the Round of Combat.


Units with Shambolic models cannot be joined by Characters. When rolling the distance of a Random Movement move with a Shambolic unit, if all the dice show the same result, the unit loses D3 Health Points (with no saves of any kind allowed), and then moves in a random direction instead of the chosen direction. When units with Shambolic touch the Board Edge, stop 1" away from Impassable Terrain, or come into contact with or move inside any Terrain Feature other than Open Terrain or Hills, all models in the unit must take a Dangerous Terrain (2) Test.

Cave Goblin

The model gains Insignificant.

Power 'Shroom

Universal Rule.
Each instance of Power ‘Shroom is One use only. Declare usage immediately before the model rolls to cast a non-Bound Spell. Any Dispelling Attempt made against this Casting Attempt suffers -D3 to the dispelling roll. Roll this dice directly when using the Power ‘Shroom. If a natural ‘1’ is rolled for this D3, the model using the Power ‘Shroom suffers 1 hit with Toxic Attacks. This is an exception to the Casting and Dispelling Modifier rule (i.e. it is allowed to modify the dispelling roll by more than -2).

Common Goblin

The model gains Insignificant.

Common Orc

The model part gains Born to Fight.


Universal Rule.
0-20 Models per Unit.
The model loses Scoring and gains Skirmisher, Light Troops, and Hard Target (1).

Mammoth Stabber

If the unit is Charging and has at least one Full Rank, nominate a single R&F model in the unit at Initiative Step 10. This model gains Impact Hits (D3). These Impact Hits are resolved with Strength 5, Armour Penetration 2, and Multiple Wounds (D3+1, against Towering Presence).

War Cry!

Once per game, at the start of a Player Turn, an Orcs and Goblins army with its General on the Battlefield may utter a War Cry!. All friendly units gain +1” Advance Rate, +2” March Rate, and Swiftstride until the end of the Player Turn.

Venomous Fangs

Before rolling to hit, nominate one Close Combat Attack from a model part with Venomous Fangs. This attack gains Multiple Wounds (D3+1).
If the attack is turned into more than one hit (e.g. a hit with Battle Focus), only a single hit, chosen by the owner, gains the effect.

Feral Orc

The model part gains Born to Fight and Battle Focus. The model gains Frenzy, Fearless, and Aegis (6+).

Rows of Teeth

Gnashers can make Supporting Attacks even though they have Harnessed. Their Goblin Riders cannot make Supporting Attacks.
Gnasher Dashers gain Impact Hits with the following exception instead of causing a number of hits per charging model, a charging Gnasher Dasher unit of up to 5 models causes D3 hits to a single enemy unit in base contact with the unit's Front Facing, while a unit of 6 or more Gnasher Dashers inflicts 2D3 hits instead.


At the start of each Round of Combat, each unit with one or more models with Nets must choose one enemy unit in base contact and roll a D6. On 2+, the chosen unit is Netted. On a roll of ‘1’, the unit with Nets is Netted. Units Netted one or more times suffer -1 Strength and -1 Armour Penetration until the end of the Round of Combat.

Forest Goblin

The model gains Insignificant and Strider (Forest).

Running Amok!!

When a unit with Running Amok!! moves using Random Movement, it must move in a randomised direction instead of the chosen direction.


Universal Rule.
The model gains +3 Agility and Lightning Reflexes in the First Round of Combat. Shady Gits are deployed in the unit that purchased them and are Champions, except they gain neither First Among Equals nor Order the Charge, nor any model rules that the other R&F models in their unit may have, unless specifically stated otherwise. Shady Gits are not forced to choose the same Close Combat Weapons in close combat as the other R&F models in their units.

Giant See, Giant Do

Universal Rule.
The model gains Born to Fight.

Look At 'Em Go!

Universal Rule.
After contacting a unit for the first time, a Gnasher Wrecking Team gains Running Amok!! for the remainder of the game.

Orc Overseer

Universal Rule.
The Greenhide Catapult loses Insignificant, gains +1 Health Point, its Discipline is set to 7, and its Height changed to Large. When the Greenhide Catapult rolls on the Misfire Table, it may choose to lose 1 Health Point in order to reroll the dice.

Iron Orc

The model part gains Born to Fight and Weapon Master. The model gains Fearless.

They're Everywhere!

Special Attack.
When a Gnasher Herd Breaks from Combat, it is removed as a casualty at the end of step 7 of the Round of Combat Sequence (after taking Break Tests), and all units within 6’’ suffer 1 hit for every 5 Gnashers in the Gnasher Herd, rounding fractions down. Hits are resolved with Strength 5 and Armour Penetration 2.


Models with Ricochet cannot Charge enemy units and can move through all units (friend and foe) as if they were Open Terrain. If its move is ended in contact with another unit, or within 1" of a unit that it has moved through, its move distance is extended; keep moving the model in the same direction (still moving through other units) until it can be placed 1" away from all other units. If, after an extended move, the model would end up within 1" of Impassable Terrain or in contact with the Board Edge, immediately remove the model as a casualty. If there is no legal position where it follows the Unit Spacing rule when backtracking the model's move (based on the rules for
Random Movement), immediately remove the model as a casualty.

If a unit's Unit Boundary is contacted by a Ricochet model’s initial move (i.e. excluding an extension of the move distance needed to clear units), this unit suffers X hits, where X corresponds to the value given in brackets (after completing the move). For this purpose, all units Engaged in the same Combat are treated as a single unit. The owner of the model with Ricochet distributes the hits between all units Engaged in this Combat as evenly as possible (after this follow the normal rules for distributing hits to models within each unit).

Enemy units cannot Charge models with Ricochet. Units (friend and foe) ignore models with Ricochet regarding the Unit Spacing rule for all movement (including Ambush). In addition, they can move onto and through models with Ricochet. However, if a unit moves into contact with a Ricochet model, it immediately (before completing the move) suffers X+D6 hits, and the model with Ricochet is removed as a casualty. This is not triggered by moves that can move through units normally (e.g. Flying Movement), unless the move is ended in contact (note that units can move into contact with multiple Ricochet models simultaneously).

Hits are resolved with the Strength and Armour Penetration of the model with Ricochet.

a) The Ricochet model cannot be placed 1" behind unit B, because unit A is too close. The model is thus moved through both units following its original direction. Only unit B suf ers the Ricochet hits as unit A is not within the initial Shambolic move.

b) After moving through units, the Ricochet model comes into contact with Impassable Terrain and is thus removed as a casualty. The Ricochet model moves through at least one unit Engaged in the Combat, inflicting 5 hits in total, which are distributed evenly amongst all units in the combat.

Troll Belch

Special Attack.
At the model part’s Initiative Step, the owner may choose an enemy unit Engaged in Combat that the model part is able to attack with Close Combat Attacks.
If so, this unit suffers a hit, which is resolved with Strength 5 and Armour Penetration 10, and the model part may not perform any Close Combat Attacks.

Smash 'Em Flat

Universal Rule.
Natural to-wound rolls of ‘1’ with Melee Attacks from units within 6" of a friendly Great Green Idol must be rerolled.
Break Tests taken by units within 6” of one or more friendly Engaged Great Green Idols are subject to Minimised Roll.


Universal Rule.
A Mad Git is not deployed. Instead it is said to be concealed inside the unit that purchased it. It is a unit upgrade, and as such is ignored when calculating Victory Points (its points are already included in the Goblin unit concealing it, and Victory Points are awarded for destroying the unit concealing it). Until released and moved out of its unit, a Mad Git cannot be harmed or otherwise affected, or affect the game in any way. When a Mad Git is removed as a casualty, it does not cause Panic Tests. It still moves, acts, and is influenced by all rules independently like a normal unit (once released) and does not count towards the model count of the unit concealing it.

Mad Gits can be released in two ways:
- Mad Gits may be released when their unit is declaring a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction with a Shooting Weapon (the unit still shoots as normal). If the unit does not have any Shooting Weapons, it may declare a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction with Mad Gits. If so, all Mad Gits in the unit must be released.​ This is not considered a Shooting Attack.
- At the start of owning player's Shooting Phase, if a unit with one or more concealed Mad Gits is not Engaged in Combat, not Fleeing, and is within 8" of an enemy unit, it must immediately release all its Mad Gits.
Resolve released Mad Gits one at a time. Place the released Mad Git just outside of base contact with the concealing unit and choose a direction to move the Mad Git in (ignore the Mad Git's Running Amok!!). This cannot be a direction that can potentially bring the released Mad Git into contact with its concealing unit. When releasing it move it using the Shambolic rules in the chosen direction. During this move, rolling the same result does not cause the Mad Git to lose D3 Health Points or move in a random direction.


Universal Rule.
At the start of each friendly Player Turn, each unengaged non-fleeing unit with one or more models with Stupid must take a Discipline Test. If the test is failed, all models in the unit become Shaken until the end of the Player Turn, and in the Movement Phase, immediately after Rallying Fleeing units, the unit must move D6" directly forward, stopping 1" before Impassible Terrain or other units.