Reglas Especiales
Saurios Ancestrales (v2021 beta 2)

Allocating Attacks

Close Combat Attacks can be allocated as normal towards different Health Pools in base contact: Skink Braves, Caimans, Champion, Character(s). Alternatively, R&F models that could allocate Close Combat Attacks towards any model in the Skink Brave unit and R&F models that could not allocate Close Combat Attacks due to models in Duels may instead choose to allocate Close Combat Attacks towards one of the following:
• The Health Pool of the non-Champion Skink Brave models
• The Health Pool of the Caiman models; these Close Combat Attacks suffer -1 to hit
These rules replace Swirling Melee, which cannot be used against the unit.

Allocating Stomp Attacks

When distributing hits from Stomp Attacks, ignore all models in the unit that are not Standard Infantry. Hits distributed onto Skink Braves are not randomised.

Allocating Swirling Melee

All enemies allocating attacks using Swirling Melee (i.e. attacking R&F models not in base contact) may choose to do this either against Skink Braves or against Caimans. If this is used to attack Caimans, the attacks suffer a -1 to-hit modifier.

Altar of the Snake-God

Universal Rule.
The model gains an additional model part:
Offensive Att Off Str AP Agi Model Rules
Snakes 2D6 2 2 0 1 Poison Attacks

Apex Predator

Universal Rule.
When charging a single model unit with Gigantic Height and/or Fly, the model gains +2" to its Charge Range roll.

Born Predator

Close Combat
Natural to-hit rolls of ‘1’ of attacks with this Attack Attribute must be rerolled.


The model’s Discipline Tests are subject to Minimised Roll.

Combined Strength

Combined Strength:
Skink Braves may add Caimans to their unit. Caimans are R&F models of a different Model Classification (Large Infantry). Follow the normal rules for determining if the Height of the unit is Standard or Large (see Model Classification). Caimans follow the rules for Matching Bases (see Front Rank), except that they do not have to be placed as far forwards as possible. Instead, they can be placed anywhere in the unit.
Skink Braves and Caimans in the same unit do not share a common Health Pool even though they are both R&F models. Instead, they each have their own Health Pool (lost Health Points are never passed between them, and any excess Health Points losses are ignored). . Caimans are not forced to choose the same Close Combat Weapons
in close combat as the Skink Braves in their unit.

Engine of the Ancients

0-1 Choice per Army
The model gains Telepathic Link.
All friendly units within 6" of the Engine of the Ancients gain Aegis (5+, against Ranged Attacks). At the beginning of each friendly Player Turn, you may choose to replace Aegis with one of the following effects until the start of the next friendly Player Turn:
• Choose a Path of Magic. The Casting Values of spells from this Path cast by friendly Wizards are reduced by 1. A natural roll of ‘1’ or ‘2’ for Casting Attempts of spells of the chosen Path with a single Magic Dice from friendly models is always a failed Casting Attempt, regardless of any modifiers.
• During the owner’s Shooting Phase, choose an enemy unit that is not Engaged in Combat and within 9″ of the Engine of the Ancients. That unit suffers D3 hits with Flaming Attacks and Armour Penetration 10 that always wound on a roll equal to or greater than "7 minus the target's Armour. A natural '6' always wounds and a natural '1' always fails to wound. This is considered a Special Attack.

Sharp Horns

Attack Attribute.
The model part may reroll the roll for the number of its Impact Hits. If so, all dice must be rerolled.

Distributing Hits

When distributing hits to the unit (i.e. for attacks towards the unit as a whole), first distribute hits between R&F models and Characters. Then randomise all hits distributed onto R&F models. Roll a D6 for each hit: 1-4 hits a Skink Brave, 5-6 hits a Caiman. If the Skink Braves lose enough Health Points in order to wipe them all out, any remaining Health Point losses suffered are distributed onto the Champion.

Prey Scent

Attack Attribute – Close Combat.
Right before the battle (during step 7 of the Deployment Phase Sequence), if you have one or more units of Rhamphodon Riders or Skink Captains on Alpha Rhamphodon in your army, you must choose 2 units from your opponent’s Army List (this may also be Characters). The models of these units are considered “marked”.

Rhamphodon mounts gain +D3 Attack Value and must reroll failed to-hit rolls for attacks allocated either towards marked models, or towards models joined to units with more than half of their models marked. The additional attacks must be allocated towards models meeting either of those criteria.

Giant See, Giant Do

Universal Rule.
The model gains +1 Armour and Cold Blooded.

Release Rocks

Special Attack.
Sweeping Attack which can be used once per game. The enemy unit suffers D3 hits with Strength 4 and Armour Penetration 1 for each Pteradon in the unit.

Telepathic Link

A Cuatl Lord may cast spells through a friendly model with Telepathic Link with the following conditions and restrictions:
• The Cuatl Lord is considered to be the Caster.
• The model with Telepathic Link must be within 24″ of the Cuatl Lord.
• The spell must have type Damage.
• Line of Sight and Front Arc of the model with Telepathic Link are used.
• The spell’s range is reduced by half and is measured from the model with Telepathic Link.
• The Cuatl Lord may cast spells of type Missile even if it is Engaged in Combat, as long as the model with Telepathic Link is not.

If the spell is Miscast, apply the following effects:
• The Cuatl Lord suffers the Miscast effect as normal.
• The model with Telepathic Link suffers a single hit with Armour Penetration 2 and a Strength equal to the number of Magic Dice used.

If the Cuatl Lord casts a spell using Telepathic Link, the Attribute Spell gets cast through the model with Telepathic Link as well, applying the same conditions and restrictions listed above. If not all of the conditions are met, the Attribute Spell is not cast.

Venomous Tide

All models in enemy units must take a Dangerous Terrain (1) Test after successfully charging a unit of Snake Swarms.


Universal Rule.
The model gains Telepathic Link. Whenever a spell is cast through the model, it suffers 1 hit that wounds
automatically with no saves of any kind allowed.

Mystic Traveller

The model part gains Telepathic Link and is a Wizard Adept that selects 2 spells from Swarm of Insects, Savage Fury, Awaken the Beast (Shamanism), and Spark of Creation (Hereditary Spell) during Spell Selection. This rule overrides the normal Spell Selection rules connected to being a Wizard Adept.


Universal Rule.
When the model is in a unit with Bodyguard, it gains Stand Behind. The model can be the General even if it is also the Battle Standard Bearer, and it cannot be chosen by the opponent as the model that suffers the penalties for refusing a Duel. The model counts as being mounted.

Skink Palanquin

Universal Rule.
The model gains Stand Behind while it is joined to a unit of Saurian Warriors or Skink Braves that does not contain any Caiman models. In addition to its regular spells, the model knows Learned Spell 1 from its chosen Path (which can never be swapped for any other spell).

Plaque of the Snake God

Universal Rule.
All Skink* model parts in the same unit as the model gain Hatred.
*The following model parts are considered Skinks: Skink Captains, Skink Priests, Skink Braves, Skink Hunters, Chameleons, Pteradon Sentries - Rider only, Rhamphodon Riders - Rider only.

Skink Companion

Universal Rule.
The Saurian Giant model part gains Poison Attacks. The model gains the following additional model parts:
Offensive Att Off Str AP Agi Model Rules
Skink Crew (6) 1 2 3 0 4 March and Shoot, Poisoned Javelin (4+)

Sun Engine

Universal Rule.
The Thyroscutus model part gains Channel (1).