Reglas Especiales
Guerreros de los Dioses Oscuros (v2021 beta 2)

Path of the Favoured

Universal Rule.
Units with more than half of their models with Path of the Favoured must reroll failed Break Tests. In addition, model parts with Path of the Favoured upgraded to a Champion additionally gain +1 Health Point to a maximum of 3, and their Discipline is set to 9.

Release the Hounds

Universal Rule.
One use only. May be activated at the start of a friendly Player Turn (all models in a unit must activate this rule at the same time). The model gains +6″ March Rate and Devastating Charge (+1 Att, +1 Str) during this Player Turn.

Additional Limbs

Universal Rule.
The model has its March Rate set to 20″ and its Armour set to 3.


Universal Rule.
The model has its March Rate set to 16″ and gains Fly (8″, 16″) and Light Troops.

Veil Walker

When a model with Veil Walker casts a non-Bound Spell, you may discard a single Veil Token when declaring the target(s) of the spell and activate one of the following effects:
• Secret of Flesh: Failed to-wound rolls from this spell that occur during a Magic Phase must be rerolled.
• Secret of Separation: The spell’s range is increased by 6″. Aura spells only gain +3″ range. Spells with type Caster are unaffected.
• Secret of Substance: Successful Armour Saves against wounds caused by this spell’s effect must be rerolled.

Battle Fever

Units with more than half of their models with Battle Fever must reroll failed Panic and Break Tests.

Beacon of the Dark Gods

Instead of selecting spells as normal, the Wizard must select one of the following spells during Spell Selection:
• Whispers of the Veil (Evocation)
• The Grave Calls (Occultism)
• Hellfire (Hereditary Spell)

Big Brother

Universal Rule.
The model’s gains +1 Health Points are set to 8, and its base size is changed to 75×100 mm. The roll for the number of hits from its Stomp Attacks is subject to Maximised Roll.

Dying Embers

Attack Attribute.
After using the Breath Attack, the model loses a
Health Point (no saves of any kind allowed).

Path of the Exiled

Units with more than half of their models with Path of the Exiled must reroll failed Break Tests. At the end of step 7 of a Round of Combat (after taking Break Tests), models with Path of the Exiled in a unit that failed a Break Test simultaneously perform Close Combat Attacks (ignoring the rules for Initiative Order, but otherwise following the normal rules such as Supporting Attacks and Allocating Attacks). Afterwards, they are removed as casualties. Models with Path of the Exiled cannot join or be joined by models with Path of the Favoured.


Universal Rule.
The unit cannot be joined by any Characters, and it may never have more ranks than files. When the unit fails a Break Test, it does not perform the extra Close Combat Attacks from Path of the Exiled. Instead replace each model of the unit with a Wretched One model after step 8 of the Round of Combat Sequence (after taking Panic Tests):
• The unit with Damnation is considered destroyed and its models are considered to be removed as casualties.
• Each Wretched One model is placed in the same position and facing the same direction as the replaced model, even if the replaced model was in base contact with an enemy unit. In this case, the Wretched One model is placed in base contact with the enemy unit too.
• The Wretched One models form a new unit.
• The Wretched One unit follows the rules for Summoned Units, except that it ignores the Unit Spacing rule when placed on the Battlefield.
• The Wretched One unit cannot perform any Combat Reforms during that Round of Combat, however the enemy units can do so as normal.
• Note that the following Round of Combat is not considered the First Round of Combat for the Wretched One unit nor the enemy units it is Engaged with.

Deeds not Words

Attack Attribute.
The model part gains Battle Focus and Hatred while joined to one or more R&F models with Åsklander Battle Fever.

Prized Stallion

Universal Rule.
The model has its March Rate set to 16″

Monstrous Familiar

Universal Rule.
The model gains Wizard Apprentice. Instead of selecting spells as normal, it must select one of the following spell (during Spell Selection) Glory of Gold (Alchemy), Breath of Corruption (Occultism), or Hellfire (Hereditary Spell).

Favour of Cibaresh, God of Lust

Universal Rule
The model gains Strider. In addition, units with more than half of their models with this Favour are subject to the following rules:
• They gain Feigned Flight.
• They may declare Flee as a Charge Reaction even if they have Fearless.
• Their Rally Test after voluntarily declaring Flee as a Charge Reaction is subject to Minimised Roll.

Favour of Kuulima, Goddess of Envy

Attack Attribute – Close Combat
The model gains Swiftstride. In addition, a Charging model part with this Attack Attribute must reroll any natural to-hit rolls of ‘1’. Units with all of their models with this Favour must reroll any natural rolls of ‘1’ when rolling for Charge Range.

Favour of Nukuja, Goddess of Sloth

Universal Rule
Models with this Favour gain +1 Resilience. If a model with this Favour declares a Charge against an enemy unit that is more than 10″* away or performs an Advance or March Move of more than 10″*, this effect is lost until the start of the Melee Phase in the next Player Turn.
* These distances are decreased to 6″ if the model is Gigantic.

Favour of Savar, God of Pride

Universal Rule
Discipline Tests taken by units with at least one model with this Favour are subject to Minimised Roll.

Favour of Sugulag, God of Greed

Universal Rule
The bearer gains Great Weapon, Halberd, Paired Weapons, and Weapon Master. A Character with this Favour has its Special Item allowance increased by 50 pts.

Favour of Vanadra, Goddess of Wrath

Attack Attribute – Close Combat
The model part gains Lightning Reflexes and +1 Agility. Close Combat Attacks allocated towards the model gain +1 to hit. These effects are only applied in the First Round of Combat.

Favour of Akaan, God of Gluttony

Attack Attribute – Close Combat
The first time a model with this Favour successfully Charges a Fleeing unit, or is on the winning side of a combat and does not Pursue or Overrun, its model parts with this Favour gain +1 Strength on all their Close Combat Attacks (the effect lasts for the duration of the game).

Favoured Giant

Universal Rule.
The model loses Battle Fever and gains Trophy Rack, Hellforged Armour, Paired Weapons, and counts as a Character for the purpose of issuing, accepting, and refusing Duels.

Skinning Lash

Special Attack.
A unit with at least one model with Skinning Lash can make a Sweeping Attack against a single unengaged enemy unit when passing within 1″ (it does not need to and cannot move through or over that unit). The enemy unit suffers 1 hit with Strength 4 and Armour Penetration 0 for each model with Skinning Lash in the unit. A unit that loses one or more Health Points due to the Skinning Lash Sweeping Attack suffers -1 Discipline until the end of its next Player Turn.


Universal Rule.
At the end of each friendly Magic Phase, each Hellmaw may do one of the following:
• Open a Gateway: Mark a single point on the Battlefield with a Gateway Marker. This point must be within Line of Sight and 24″ of the Hellmaw, and more than 6″ away from enemy units. There can never be more than 4 friendly Gateway Markers on the Battlefield (including Ominous Gateways).
• Close a Gateway: Choose a friendly Gateway Marker with its centre within Line of Sight and 24″ of the Hellmaw. All units within 6″ of the centre of the marker suffer D6 hits with Toxic Attacks and Magical Attacks. Then remove the marker. If all friendly Hellmaws have been removed as casualties, immediately close all friendly Gateways as described above.

A friendly unit may choose to enter the Gateway if all the following conditions are met:
• The unit does not contain any Gigantic models.
• The unit is in contact with the centre of a friendly Gateway Marker.
• All models in the unit just performed an Advance or March Move and no other model has moved since.

Remove the unit from the Battlefield. The unit:
1. Is then placed back on the Battlefield within 3″ of the centre of any other friendly Gateway Marker. No model can end up with its centre farther away than its March Rate from the centre of the chosen marker.
2. Must have the same formation, but may face any direction.
3. Must follow the Unit Spacing rule.
4. Suffers D6 + X hits with Toxic Attacks and Magical Attacks, distributed by the owner, where X is equal to the number of ranks in the unit. Hits distributed onto models with Hell-Forged Armour or Supernal automatically fail to wound.
5. Loses Scoring until its next Player Turn.

Only a single unit may exit the same Gateway Marker in each Player Turn

Giant See, Giant do

Universal Rule.
The model gains Åsklander Battle Fever and Shield.


The model cannot make Stomp Attacks and can make Grind Attacks as Supporting Attacks, ignoring the maximum number of Supporting Attacks). When a model with Irredeemable is killed by a Melee Attack, remove it as a casualty only at Initiative Step 0. A unit with at least one model with Irredeemable may never have more ranks than files.

Keeper of the Beacon (mount)

Universal Rule.
After Spell Selection, the Wizard must replace one of its non-Hereditary Learned Spells with one of the following spells:
• Whispers of the Veil (Evocation)
• The Grave Calls (Occultism)
• Wrath of God (Thaumaturgy) (only if Wizard Master)
• Hellfire (Hereditary Spell)

Primal Legend

Universal Rule.
The limit of Legendary Beasts is increased to “Max. 45%”. A model with this rule counts all units of Standard Height as Insignificant, and while it is on the board, friendly units with Fly may not use Flying Movement.

Masters of Battle

Attack Attribute.
The model’s maximum number of Supporting Attacks is set to 3.


Universal Rule.
During Spell Selection, each Exalted Herald must choose two different Manifestations from the list below and apply the effects during the game. The model knows the spells indicated on the chosen Manifestations. This replaces the normal rules for Spell Selection connected to being a Wizard Adept. In addition, Guiding Light (Divination) becomes the Attribute Spell for all non-Bound Spells cast by the model, replacing the spells’ corresponding Attribute where applicable.

Master of Destruction

The bearer can use a Shield (or a Spiked Shield) simultaneously with a Great Weapon or a Halberd.

Ominous Gateway

Universal Rule.
0-2 Choice per Army.
At the start of step 7 of the Pre-Game Sequence (Spell Selection), for each Ominous Gateway in your army, mark a point on the Battlefield outside the opponent’s Deployment Zone with a Gateway Marker.

Trophy Rack

The bearer’s unit may reroll failed Discipline Tests unless Fleeing. Each time attacks made by the bearer’s model kill an enemy model that it is fighting a Duel with, the bearer’s model gains a +1 Combat Score modifier for the rest of the game (this also applies to attacks made outside the Melee Phase). In addition, the bearer’s model may take a single Banner Enchantment (using the bearer’s Special Item allowance as normal).


Successful to-wound rolls of attacks that are Flaming Attacks made against the model must be rerolled. In addition, the model considers all units consisting entirely of models without Unburnt as Insignificant.