Reglas Especiales
Dinastías Eternas (v2021 beta 2)

Underground Ambush

The model follows the rules for Ambush, with the following exception. Instead of entering the Battlefield from the Board Edge:
1. Choose an arriving unit with Underground Ambush.
2. Place the unit anywhere on the Battlefield in a legal formation more than 1″ from other units, Impassable Terrain, and the Board Edge.
3. Roll a D6:
• If 5–6 is rolled, the unit arrives where it was initially placed.
• If 1–4 is rolled, move the unit (without changing the direction it is facing) 2D6″ in a randomly chosen direction. If this would bring the unit within 1″ of other units, Impassable Terrain, or the Board Edge, the unit stops 1″ short of them and each model in the Ambushing unit must take a Dangerous Terrain (1) Test. The unit may then perform a Pivot (and must follow the Unit Spacing rule after the Pivot). None of these manoeuvres prevent the unit from moving following the rules for Ambush afterwards.
4. Repeat steps 1–3 for all other arriving units with Underground Ambush.

Sacred Ark

Friendly Wizards add +6″ to the range of their non-Bound Spells for each Ark of Ages they are within 12″ of. Spells of type Aura only gain +3″ range.

Legion Charioteers

Universal Rule.
The model loses Light Troops and gains Scoring. Its Charioteers gain Devastating Charge (+1 Str, Fight in Extra Rank).


ndead units consisting entirely of models with Autonomous may perform March Moves as normal even when outside the range of friendly models' Commanding Presence. The unit must still pass a Discipline Test in order to do so if within 8" of non-fleeing enemy units.

Bound in Death

Universal Rule.
R&F models in this unit must be fewer than 3 before hits can be distributed onto Characters with the same Type and Height as this unit.

Bound Spells: Fate's Judgment from Divination, Power Level (4/8)

18″ Hex Missile Damage Instant
The target suffers<D3> {D6} hits with Magical Attacks that wound automatically, with no Special Saves allowed (note that Armour Saves are allowed).

Bound Spells: Ice and Fire from Cosmology, Power Level (4/8)

range 24+
Hex, Missile, Damage Instant
The target suffers 2D6 hits with Strength 4, Armour Penetration 0, and Magical Attacks. Successful Special Saves against wounds caused by this spell must be rerolled.

The target suffers 2D6 hits with Strength 4 and Armour Penetration 0. Successful Armour Saves against wounds caused by this spell must be rerolled.

Catapult of fire

- As a Catapult (6) Artillery Weapon:
Range 12-48", Shots 1, Str 3, AP 0, Flaming Attacks, Magical Attacks.
Units that suffer at least one casualty from this weapon must take a Panic Test just as if they had suffered 25% casualties.
Panic Tests caused by a Charnel Catapult are taken at -1 Discipline.
This weapon always hits on a roll equal to or greater than its Aim.

Chariot Host

Special Attack.
If the model part's unit has at least one Full Rank, and there is a model in the rank directly behind it (in the same file), its Impact Hits cause an additional hit (normally D3+2 instead of D3+1).

Chitinous Tide

Attack Attribute - Melee.
The model can make a number of Supporting Attacks equal to its Attack Value.

Guardian's Wrath

Attack Attribute - Melee.
The model and all model parts in the same unit, except model parts without Harnessed in its unit gain Battle Focus.

Dust to Dust

At the end of any phase in which the Hierophant was removed as a casualty, every unit in the army with Dust to Dust must pass a Discipline Test or lose a number of Health Points equal to the amount by which the test was failed, with no saves of any kind allowed. These Health Point losses are allotted following the rules for Unstable. The number of Health Points lost is reduced by 1 if the unit is within range of Rally Around the Flag.

At the end of the Player Turn in which the Hierophant was removed as a casualty, a new Hierophant may be selected. In order to do so, nominate a friendly Wizard Character. This Character becomes the new Hierophant.

At the start of each friendly Player Turn after the army’s Hierophant has been removed as a casualty and no new Hierophant has been selected, every unit with Dust to Dust must once again pass a Discipline Test or lose Health Points as described above.

Divine Light

Universal Rule.
Enemy Wizards within 36" of one or more Caskets of Phatep suffer a -1 modifier to their casting rolls. When a Casket of Phatep is removed as a casualty, all units within 12" suffer 3D3+3 hits with Strength 1 and Armour Penetration 10.

Ensouled Statue

The model gains Undead and Dust to Dust. If more than half of the models in a unit have Ensouled Statue, reduce the number of Health Points lost by this unit due to Dust to Dust and Unstable by 1.

Royal Guard

Universal Rule.
The model counts as a R&F model for the purpose of Undying Will. If in the same unit as a Pharaoh or a Nomarch, unless another model does so first:
• A Tomb Harbinger must issue a Duel.
• A Tomb Harbinger must accept a Duel.

Eternal Guardian

Personal Protection.
When the model suffers a wound from an attack with Multiple Wounds (X), reduce X by half, rounding fractions up.


One of a Kind. An Undying Dynasties army mustinclude a single model with this Universal Rule. When the Hierophant casts Death is Only the Beginning as a non-Bound Spell, you may choose to set the spell range to 18″ (instead of the spell’s normal target restrictions).

Master of Stone

Universal Rule.
Right before the battle (during step 7 of the Deployment Phase Sequence), and at the start of each friendly Player Turn, choose a friendly unit consisting entirely of models with Ensouled Statue within 18″ of the Tomb Architect. This unit gains Fortitude (5+) until the start of your next Player Turn or until the Tomb Architect is removed as a casualty, whichever comes first.

Mummy's Curse

When the model with Mummy’s Curse is removed as a casualty, it immediately inflicts 1 hit with Strength 6 and Armour Penetration 10 against the model that caused the final Health Point loss. This is considered a Ranged Attack. If more than one model was part of the action which brought the downfall of the model with Mummy’s Curse, randomise which of those models suffers the hit.

Phatep's Curse

Universal Rule.
Unless this model made an Advance Move or March Move during the current Player Turn, it can cast the following Bound Spell with Power Level (6/6):
Type: Damage, Hex, Range 36", Duration: Instant.
The target must take a Discipline Test rolling an additional D6. If failed, the target suffers a number of hits equal to the amount by which the test was failed. Hits are resolved with Armour Penetration 10 and wound automatically.


Some unit profiles contain the additional Characteristic Resurrected, shortened Rsr, which determines the number of Health Points Raised with Death is Only the Beginning (Hereditary Attribute Spell).

Undying Will

Units with one or more models with Undying Will gain +2 Offensive Skill, +2 Defensive Skill, Lethal Strike, and replace their Shooting Weapons' Aim with (4+). Characters, models with Ensouled Statue, and model parts with Harnessed are not affected by Undying Will.