Reglas Especiales
ÅSKLANDERS (v2021 beta 2)

As One

Defensive Trait.
If the unit has at least 2 Full ranks and a majority of its models have Shields and As One, all models of Standard Size in the unit gains +1 Armour against Ranged Attacks and in the first Round of Combat.

Åsklander Battle Fever

Infantry models in units with at least 10 models gain either:
• Fight in Extra Rank if using a Close Combat Weapon with Two-Handed
• +1 Armour if using a Shield
This cannot be used while the model’s unit is engaged in its Flank or Rear Facing.

Freezing Mist

Universal Rule.
Attacks with Flaming Attacks must reroll successful to-wound rolls against the model.
All enemy units in base contact with the Jötunn suffers:
● -3 Agility to a minimum of 1.
● -1 Armour to a minimum of 0.
● -1 Armour Penetration to a minimum of 0.

Ice Troll

Flaming Attacks must reroll successful to-wound rolls against the model.


Universal Rule
The Åsklander Chief gains +2 Attack Value and may take Special Items for an additional 50 pts.

Longship Raid

Universal Rule.
The model gains Ambush. During step 8 of the Pre-Game Sequence, nominate a unit of Åsklanders, Huskarls, or Berserkers that includes no more than 30 models if Åsklanders and no more than 20 models if Huskarls or Berserkers. This unit gains Ambush, with the following exceptions:
• The model with Longship Raid must either be deployed in this unit or Ambush in this unit.
• Units using Longship Raid do not roll for Ambush but automatically enter the Battlefield in the owner’s second Player Turn.
• All units using Longship Raid must arrive from the same Board Edge.

Marauding Giant

A Marauding Giant wielding a Tribal Warspear and following the rules for War Platform may additionally join Infantry units that include at least one Åsklander or Huskarl model.
If the model is upgraded with Monstrous Familiar, it must select one of the following spells: Raven’s Wing (Witchcraft), Cleansing Fire (Thaumaturgy), or Frostbite (Hereditary Spell).

Skinning Lash

Special Attack.
A unit with at least one model with Skinning Lash can make a Sweeping Attack against a single unengaged enemy unit when passing within 1″(it does not need to and cannot move through or over that unit). The enemy unit suffers 1 hit with Strength 4 and Armour Penetration 0 for each model with Skinning Lash in the unit. A unit that loses one or more Health Points due to the Skinning Lash Sweeping Attack suffers −1 Discipline until the end of its next Player Turn.