Reglas Especiales
Hobgoblins(v2021 beta 1 hotfix 1)

Archery Commander

Universal Rule.
Units in Line Formation joined by the model never count as having moved for the purpose of Volley Fire.

Boiling Oil

Attack Attribute – Shooting.
If one or more simultaneous attacks with Boiling Oil hit, after resolving these attacks, the target unit gains one
Boiling Oil marker. If a unit with one or more Boiling Oil markers is targeted by Shooting Attacks with Iron Rain,
the shooting models are considered to be Located in the target’s Rear Arc for the purpose of Iron Rain (not for
the purpose of other rules like Area Attack). Remove all markers from a unit when it suffers one or more Health
Point losses from attacks with Iron Rain or at the end of the Shooting Phase, whichever comes first.

Cavalry Commander

Universal Rule.
The model must take a mount. Cavalry units containing one or more model with this rule gain Devastating Charge (+1″ Adv).

Devotees of Tyranny

Universal Rule.
The model gains Fearless and Frenzy while Engaged in Combat. In addition, units consisting entirely of models with Devotees of Tyranny and, if applicable, a Drum Gogyag, may reroll failed Charge Range rolls in the Charge Phase

Giant Drum

Universal Rule.
The model must be deployed in, and can only join Blasted Plains Emissaries, Hob Levies, or Tyrannical Disciples units. The model can never voluntarily leave its unit. In addition, the range of the model’s March to the Beat, and to enemy units that are required to take a March Test due to the Drum Gogyag’s unit, are both extended to 12″.

Infernal Lackey

Universal Rule.
The model gains Infernal Armour and Flintlock Axe (3+). Its Discipline is set to 8, and it must select spells from Pyromancy.

Iron Rain

Shooting Attacks made by the model while Located in the target’s Flank or Rear Arc gain +1 to hit and +1 Armour Penetration.

Lord of the Plains

Universal Rule.
While joined by a mounted model with this rule, Cavalry units gain Strider.

Sharp Horn

Attack Attribute.
The model part may reroll the roll for the number of Impact Hits

Warrior Vassals

The total Combat Score bonus gained by each player from Duels (from lost Health Points on enemy units and Overkill), is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 0.