Infernal Dwarves (v2021 beta 3 hotfix 1) Army book

Infernal Dwarves (v2021 beta 3 hotfix 1)

Racial Trait Spell

This spell can only be cast by models with Infernal Brand.

Casting Range Type Duration Effect
Curse of Nezibkesh The target suffers −1 Offensive Skill and Defensive Skill {and an additional −1 for every Incendiary marker on the target (if the number of markers changes, so will the modifier)}, up to a maximum of −3.
Mf {6+} {7+} {36"} {18"} Hex Permanent

Army Organisation

  • Characters


    (40% Max)

  • Core


    (25% Least)

  • Special


    (No Limit)

  • Instruments of Destruction

    Instruments of Destruction

    (25% Max)

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