Queen’s Cavalier Highborn Elves Army book

Queen’s Cavalier Highborn Elves

Racial Trait Spell

Casting Range Type Duration Effect
Favour of Meladys Immediately after successfully casting the spell, add two Veil Tokens to your Veil Token pool.
When a friendly unit within 18" of the Caster would lose a Health Point, it may discard one Veil Token from its Veil Token pool instead (this is done after Multiple Wounds multipliers and saves are applied) and the Health Point loss is ignored. For Standard Infantry, up to 2 Health Point losses are ignored per token (provided they are suffered simultaneously). A maximum of two Veil Tokens may be discarded each phase for this purpose. Characters and Gigantic models can only ignore a single lost Health Point this way per phase.
Mf 10+ Caster Last one Turn

Army Organisation

  • Characters


    (50% Max)

  • Core


    (25% Least)

  • Special


    (No Limit)

  • Queen's Bows

    Queen's Bows

    (30% Max)

  • Naval Ordnance

    Naval Ordnance

    (15% Max)

  • The Ancient Allies

    The Ancient Allies

    (25% Max)

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