Cultists (v2021 beta 2) Army book

Cultists (v2021 beta 2)

Racial Trait Spell

Casting Range Type Duration Effect
Spear of Infinity The target suffers 1 hit with Strength 2 [5], Armour Penetration 2, Area Attack (1×5), and [Multiple Wounds (2)].
The hits from Spear of Infinity gain +1 Strength for each other non-Attribute Spell successfully cast in this Magic Phase (including other instances of Spear of Infinity).
Mf Hex, Missile, Damage Instant

Army Organisation

  • Characters


    (35% Max)

  • Core


    (25% Least)

  • Special


    (No Limit)

  • Summoned Daemons

    Summoned Daemons

    (45% Max)

  • Aves


    (3% Max Unit)

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