Vampire Count Strige

Size:Standard Type:Infantry Base:20x20mm
450pts single model
Global Adv Mar Dis Rea Model Rules
6" 12" 9 1
Defensive HP Def Res Arm
4 7 5 0
Offensive Att Off Str Ap Agi
Strige Count 5 7 5 2 7
Strige Count:

Magic Options

Wizard Apprentice free
Wizard Adept 75 pts



General free
The Dead Arise 25 pts
Special Equipment up to 200 pts
A single Blood Power (no pt limit)
May take a Melee Weapon (one choice only) (one choice only)
Paired Weapons 10 pts
Halberd 20 pts
Great Weapon 20 pts
Lance 20 pts

Mount Options

Shrieking Horror 340 pts