Vampire Count Nosferatu

Size:Standard Type:Infantry Base:20x20mm
340pts single model
Global Adv Mar Dis Rea Model Rules
6" 12" 9 1
Defensive HP Def Res Arm
3 7 5 0
Offensive Att Off Str Ap Agi
Nosferatu Count 4 5 5 2 7
Nosferatu Count:

Magic Options

Wizard Adept 75 pts
Wizard Master 225 pts
Cosmology Cosmos/Chaos

Cosmology Cosmos/Chaos






General free
The Dead Arise 25 pts
Special Equipment up to 200 pts
A single Blood Power (no pt limit)
Light Armour 5 pts
May take a Melee Weapon (one choice only) (one choice only)
Paired Weapons 10 pts
Halberd 20 pts
Great Weapon 20 pts
Lance 20 pts

Mount Options

Skeletal Steed 60 pts
Spectral Steed 115 pts
Monstrous Revenant 115 pts
Great Monstrous Revenant 125 pts
Court of the Damned 330 pts
Zombie Dragon 345 pts
Colossal Zombie Dragon 425 pts