After Deployment (including Scouts), units composed entirely of models with this special rule may perform a 12" move. The move is performed as if in the Remaining Moves subphase, including any actions and restrictions the unit would
normally have in the Remaining Moves subphase (such as Wheeling, Reforming, joining units, leaving units and so on).
The 12" distance is used instead of the unit's Movement Characteristic and no March Moves are allowed. This move cannot be used to move within 12" of enemy units. This is decreased to 6” for enemy units which have either Scouted or
Vanguarded. Units that have moved in this way may not Declare Charges in the first Player Turn (if their side has the first turn). If both players have units with Vanguard, alternate moving units one at a time, starting with the player that
finished deploying last. Instead of moving a unit, a player may declare to not move any more Vangarding units.