Ricochet (2D6)

Models with Ricochet ignore the 1" Unit Spacing rule to other units.If aRicochet model contacts another unit(friend or foe), instead of charging, it continues to move in the same direction until it is 1" clear of this unit (and has reached at least its move distance). If this would cause it to contact or be within 1" of another unit, the Ricochet model keeps moving in the same direction, until it can be placed 1" away from all other units (and has reached at least its move distance). If a Ricochet model moved in this way ends its move within 1" of Impassable Terrain or outside the board edge, remove it as a casualty.

Any unit passed through by a Ricochet model and within the movement distance it rolled is hit by a Special Ranged Attack: it suffers X hits, where X is given in brackets. Units engaged in the same Combat are treated as a single unit for hit purposes. The owner of the Ricochet model distributes hits as evenly as possible between all units in the combat, then follows normal rules for distributing hits to models within each unit.
Other units cannot charge Ricochet models, but may charge, flee, pursue or move through them. Units that do so take X hits plus an additional D6 hits, and the Ricochet model is removed as a casualty.
All hits inflicted by Ricochet models are at the Strength of the model and gain Armour Piercing (1).

a) The Ricochet model cannot be placed 1" behind the pink unit, because the green unitistoo close. The model is thus moved through both unitsfollowing its original direction. Only the pink unit suffers the Ricochet hits asthe green unitis not within the rolled move distance.

b) After moving through units, the Ricochetmodel is placed within 1" of Impassable Terrain, and is thus removed as a casualty. The Ricochet model moves through at least one unit engaged in the Close Combat, inflicting X hits in total, which have to be evenly distributed among all units taking part in it.