Chilling Shriek

Model parts with this special rule have a Special Shooting Attack and a Special Close Combat Attack as detailed below.
- As a Special Shooting Attack (normally in the Shooting Phase): Choose a target using the normal rules for Shooting Attacks. The attack has a Range of 8". This attack can be used even if the model Marched previously this Player Turn.
- As a Special Close Combat Attack (normally in the Close Combat Phase): If used, the attack is made at the model part's Initiative and replaces the model part’s normal non-Special Attacks. Choose a single unit in base contact as the target.
Regardless of whether it is used as a Shooting or Close Combat Attack, the Chilling Shriek causes 1 automatic hit to the target for each Wound the shooting model part currently has. These hits are resolved at Strength 10 and have Armour Piercing (6) and Magical Attacks. When rolling to wound with this attack, use the opponent’s Leadership instead of the opponent’s Toughness.