Aura of Undeath

Keep track of how many unsaved wounds this model has caused during the game. At the end of each Close Combat Phase, compare this number with the chart below to determine the level of Soul Syphon that the Dark Coach has reached. The Dark Coach gains the bonus corresponding to that level as well as the bonuses of all levels that preceded it.

Wounds Caused Bonus

1 - 3 The air shimmers with killing intent. The Dark Coach gains Lethal Strike and Multiple Wounds (2, Infantry, War Beast, Cavalry).
4 - 6 The night is alight with unholy fire. The Dark Coach gains Grinding Attacks (D3) (resolved with the Coachman’s Initiative) and Flaming Attacks.
7 - 9 An ancient evil awakens! The Dark Coach is now also crewed by an Awakened Vampire (1) which has Vampiric (2+).
10 - 12 A dark wind courses through the night and a menacing shape takes to the sky. The Dark Coach gains Fly (8).
13+ The Dark Coach gains Ethereal. Spooky.