Light Troops

Units composed entirely of models with Light Troops are allowed to make any number of Reforms when performing Advance Moves or March Moves. They are allowed to shoot even if they Marched or Reformed. No model can end its movement with its centre further away than its March Rate from its starting position, around any obstructions (including the Unit Spacing rule). This means that when checking the distance travelled by a model, check the path the model would have taken if it was alone, with the exception that the unit as a whole cannot break the Unit Spacing rule while performing the move. If a model performed any action during the movement (such as a Sweeping Attack), the distance moved is counted from its starting position to the point on the Battlefield where it performed that action and then to its final position.
If more than half the models in a unit have Light Troops, the unit always counts as having 0 Full Ranks. Characters with Light Troops that are joined to units with one or more models without Light Troops, lose this rule for as long as they remain with the unit. An Infantry Character joined to an Infantry unit with both Light Troops and the same Size as the Character gains Light Troops for as long as it remains with the unit.