Health Point losses of the model that are caused by friendly models are ignored for Panic (including units destroyed due to attacks from friendly models). The model may use Shooting Attacks against enemy units Engaged in Combat, with the following rules and restrictions:
• The enemy unit is Engaged only with friendly models that are of Standard Height and/or Infantry.
• Friendly units Engaged in this Combat are ignored for Cover purposes (but not for drawing Line of Sight).
• Roll to hit as normal against the intended target. Each hit from attacks without Area Attack must then be randomised to determine which unit is hit by rolling a D6 for each hit. On a roll of 4+, unless specifically stated otherwise, the intended target is hit; otherwise, the friendly unit Engaged with the intended target is hit. If there is more than one friendly unit, randomise which one is hit.
• In case of Area Attacks, the initial hit is not randomised. Determine the number of hits caused by the Area Attack based on the attack’s initial target. Then randomise each hit as specified above.