Yer comin' with me!

In order to use this Attack Attribute, the unit must be at least as wide as it is deep at the start of the Round of Combat. Close Combat Attacks made by models with this Attack Attribute can never wound on worse than 4+. In addition, when a model with this Attack Attribute is removed as a casualty during the Melee Phase due to an enemy Melee Attack, it must immediately, before removal, perform a single Close Combat Attack with the following rules and restrictions: • The attack is always resolved with Strength 5 and Armour Penetration 2. • The owner must choose one of the following options: 1. The attack is allocated towards the model that caused the casualty. 2. The attack is allocated towards a R&F model in that model's unit. The hit is distributed onto the unit. In either case, the model with Yer comin' with me! is considered in base contact with the attacked model, and the models count as Engaged in the same Facings as their units. • This Attack Attribute cannot be used for casualties caused by Impact Hits.