115pts + 5 pts/extra model
20-60 models
Global Adv Mar Dis Model Rules
4" 8" 6
Defensive HP Def Res Arm
1 2 3 0
Offensive Att Off Str Ap Agi
Common Goblin 1 2 3 0 2
Common Goblin:


Must Choice (one choice only)
Common Goblin free
Shady Git (Common Goblin) (0-X Shady Gits per Unit, where X depends on the size of the unit.) 10 pts
Cave Goblin free
Nets (Cave Goblin) 50 pts
Mad Git (Cave Goblin) 65 pts
Forest Goblin 1 pts/mod.
Throwing Weapons (5+) (Forest Goblin) 1 pts/mod.
Creepers (Forest Goblin) (0-20 Models per Unit) free
One choice only
Shield free
Shield and Spear (Forest Goblin) 2 pts/mod.
Shield and Spear (no Forest Goblin) 1 pts/mod.
Bow (4+) (0-3 Units per Army, 0-100 Models per Army) 2 pts/mod.
Shield (Common Goblin) free

Command Group Options

Champion 10 pts
Musician 10 pts
Standard Bearer 10 pts
Banner Enchantment (Standard Bearer)