Midnight Aristocracy - Vampire Count

350 pts single model
Troops M WS BS S T W I A Ld Evoked Troop's type
Midnight Aristocracy - Vampire Count 6 7 5 5 5 3 7 5 9 1 Infantry

Magic Options

May become
Wizard Apprentice free
Wizard Master 70 pts
If upgraded to a Wizard
Must generate spells from (choose one) (one choice only)




Must take learned spells (one choice only) (one choice only)
1 spell free
3 spells 100 pts
2 spells 50 pts


General (1-1 per Army) free
If General, must take the The Dead Arise 30 pts
May take Magical Items 200 pts
May (one choice only) (one choice only) free
a single Blood Power (no pt limit)
a single Ancient Blood Power (no pt limit)
May take any of the following
Shield 10 pts
Light Armour 10 pts
Heavy Armour 20 pts
May take a weapon (one choice only) (one choice only)
Paired Weapons 20 pts
Halberd 30 pts
Lance 40 pts
Great Weapon 40 pts
May take a mount (one choice only) (one choice only)
Skeletal Steed 70 pts
Spectral Steed 120 pts
Monstrous Revenant 260 pts
Great Monstrous Revenant 280 pts
Court of the Damned 340 pts
Shrieking Horror 490 pts
Zombie Dragon 480 pts
Colossal Zombie Dragon 510 pts