Midnight Aristocracy - Vampire Courtier

170 pts single model
Troops M WS BS S T W I A Ld Evoked Troop's type
Midnight Aristocracy - Vampire Courtier 6 6 4 5 4 3 7 4 8 1 Infantry

Magic Options

May become free
Wizard Apprentice 60 pts
If upgraded to a Wizard
Must generate spells from (choose one) (one choice only)




Must take learned spells (one choice only) (one choice only)
1 spell free
2 spells 50 pts


General (1-1 per Army) free
Battle Standard Bearer (0-1 per Army) 50 pts
If General, must take the The Dead Arise 30 pts
May take Magical Items 100 pts
May (one choice only) (one choice only) free
a single Blood Power (no pt limit)
May take any of the following
Shield 10 pts
Light Armour 10 pts
Heavy Armour 20 pts
May take a weapon (one choice only) (one choice only)
Paired Weapons 10 pts
Halberd 20 pts
Lance 30 pts
Great Weapon 20 pts
May take a mount (one choice only) (one choice only)
Skeletal Steed 60 pts
Spectral Steed 110 pts
Monstrous Revenant 260 pts
Great Monstrous Revenant 280 pts
Court of the Damned 340 pts