160 pts + 20 pts/figurine 10-35 models
Troupes M CC CT F E PV I A Cd Type de troupe
Corsairs 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 1 8 Infanterie

Elfes Sinistres Règles spéciales

Règles spéciales



May take Paired Weapons 2 pts/fig.
May take Repeater Handbow (0-35 Models with Repeater Handbows per Army) 2 pts/fig.
For each Character model with the Fleet Commander upgrade
One unit of Corsairs may gain Vanguard (Fleet Commanders and Assassins joined to this unit gain Vanguard) 2 pts/fig.

Options de L'état major

Champion 20 pts
Musicien 20 pts
Porte-étendard 20 pts
Enchantement d’étendard (Porte-étendard) 50 pts