Nippon (v2.2.2) Army book

Nippon (v2.2.2)

Racial Trait Spell

Casting Range Type Duration Effect
H Light of the Sun Goddess The target suffers ⟨D6⟩ {2D6} hits with Strength 4, Ar- mour Penetration 0, Flaming Attacks, and Magical Attacks. If at least one Health Point is lost because of this spell, the target additionally suffers −1 Offensive Skill and −1 Defensive Skill, and has its weapons’ Aim worsened by 1.
Mf ⟨5+⟩ {8+} 24" Remains in play

Army Organisation

  • Characters


    (40% Max)

  • Core


    (25% Least)

  • Special


    (No Limit)

  • Ranged Warfare

    Ranged Warfare

    (40% Max)

  • Will of the Kami

    Will of the Kami

    (40% Max)

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