Makhar (v2021 beta 2) Army book

Makhar (v2021 beta 2)

Racial Trait Spell

Casting Range Type Duration Effect
Breath of the Steppe Place a round Tornado Marker with a 3″ diameter with its centre on the target point. The Tornado Marker must be placed more than 1″ away from any unit. The marker is considered Covering Terrain for units inside and/or behind them that contributes to ⟨Soft⟩ {Hard} Cover.
The Tornado Marker is Dangerous Terrain (⟨2⟩ {3}), even for models with Strider.
Mf 6+8+ 36”18” Ground Last one Turn

Makhar Army Organisation

  • Characters


    (35% Max)

  • Core


    (35% Least)

  • Special


    (No Limit)

  • Raining Death

    Raining Death

    (40% Max)

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