Wall of Lead

When firing this weapon in the Shooting Phase, the player may choose to use it in the following way
instead of firing normally: Range 8”, Strength 4, Reload!
Do not calculate the number of sho'ts nor roll to hit as normal. Instead, any model that is straight in front of one or more models with this weapon, within the weapon’s range and within Line of Sight of the unit is a potential target (see figure in army book). Roll a D6 for each potential target model (this is not a to-hit roll, disregard any “to-hit” modifier). On a roll of 6+ the model suffers a hit. Add a +1 modifier for each Full Rank in the shooting unit after the first. If any friendly unit or a unit Engaged in Combat is a potential target, then the ability cannot be used. This Shooting Attack may be used even if the unit has Marched.