Chilling Shriek

Special Attack.
A model with this Special Attack can use it as 1. a Shooting Attack, and as 2. a Special Attack when Engaged in Combat.
1. Choose a target using the normal rules for Shooting Attacks. The attack has Range 8″ and March and Shoot.
2. The attack is made at the model part’s Agility. Declare that you are using Chilling Shriek when allocating attacks. If used, the model part cannot perform any Close Combat Attacks. Choose a single unit in base contact as the target.
Regardless of whether it is used as a Shooting or Melee Attack, the Chilling Shriek inflicts 1 hit for each Health Point the model with Chilling Shriek currently has. These hits always have Strength 10, Armour Penetration 10, and Magical Attacks. When rolling to wound with this attack, use the enemy’s Discipline instead of its Resilience.