War Platform

Unless selected as a mount for a Character, a model with War Platform gains Not a Leader and Character, with the following exceptions:
- ItdoesnotcounttowardstheCharacterscategory(forArmyListcreation). - ItcannotIssueDuels,AcceptDuelsorMakeWay.
- ItcanperformSwirlingMelee.
- ItdoesnotcountasCharacterregardingBodyguardandMultipleWounds.
The model can join units even if it has Towering Presence, and having Chariot does not prevent it from joining units without Chariot. When joined to a unit, it must always be placed in the centre of the front rank, possibly pushing back other models with Front Rank, and must keep its position in the centre of the front rank at all times (as long as it is joined to the unit). If two positions are equally central (e.g. in a unit with an even number of models in the first rank and a War Platform replacing an uneven number of models per rank), the War Platform can be placed in either of these positions. If the War Platform cannot be placed in the centre of the the front rank (e.g. due to Mismatching Bases or the front rank being too narrow), the model cannot join the unit. This means that a War Platform can never join a unit with Mismatching Bases and that only a single War Platform can be in the same unit unless noted otherwise.