Combined Strength

Combined Strength:
Skink Braves may add Caimans to their unit. Caimans are R&F models of a different Model Classification (Large Infantry). Follow the normal rules for determining if the Height of the unit is Standard or Large (see Model Classification). Caimans follow the rules for Matching Bases (see Front Rank), except that they do not have to be placed as far forwards as possible. Instead, they can be placed anywhere in the unit.
Skink Braves and Caimans in the same unit do not share a common Health Pool even though they are both R&F models. Instead, they each have their own Health Pool (lost Health Points are never passed between them, and any excess Health Points losses are ignored). . Caimans are not forced to choose the same Close Combat Weapons
in close combat as the Skink Braves in their unit.