Anointed - Harbinger of Chaos

220 pts single model
Wojsko M WS BS S T W ja ZA Ld Typ Troopa
Anointed - Harbinger of Chaos 4 7 3 5 4 3 6 4 8 Infantry



General (1-1 per Army) free
May replace Daemon of True Chaos for the Daemon of
Change 40 pts
Lust 20 pts
Pestilence 60 pts
Wrath 40 pts
Battle Standard Bearer
May takea single Gift (no pt limit)
May take Magical Items aż do 100 pts
May take a Shield 10 pts
May take a weapon (one choice only) (one choice only)
Paired Weapons 10 pts
Flail 10 pts
Halberd 20 pts
Great Weapon 20 pts
Lance 30 pts
May take a mount (one choice only) (one choice only)
Wasteland Steed 80 pts
Daemonic Steed 120 pts
Wasteland Chariot 150 pts
Wasteland Manticore 240 pts
Disc of Change 80 pts
Steed of Lust 90 pts
Pestilent Palanquin 90 pts
Crusher 100 pts