single model
Global Adv Mar Dis Model Rules
5" 10" 9
Defensive HP Def Res Arm
3 6 3 0
Offensive Att Off Str Ap Agi
Commander 3 6 4 1 7

Magic Options


Alchemy (Master of Canreig Tower)


Evocation (Master of Canreig Tower)


Shamanism (Master of Canreig Tower)


Druidism (Master of Canreig Tower)


Cosmology (Master of Canreig Tower)


General (1-1 per Army) free
A single Honour (one choice only)
No Honour free
Master of Canreig Tower 200 pts
High Warden of the Flame 70 pts
Queen’s Companion 60 pts
Fleet Officer 20 pts
Queen’s Cavalier 40 pts
Royal Huntsman 20 pts
Special Equipment 100 pts
Battle Standard Bearer (0-1 per Army) 50 pts
Shield (no High Warden of the Flame) 5 pts
Heavy Armour 10 pts
Dragonforged Armour 25 pts
Longbow (1+) 5 pts
One choice only
Spear 5 pts
Paired Weapons 5 pts
Light Lance 5 pts
Great Weapon 10 pts
Halberd 10 pts
Lance 10 pts
One choice only (Queen’s Companion)
Moonlight Arrows 25 pts
Fae Miasma, Scout, and may not join units other than Grey Watchers (Queen’s Companion) 30 pts

Mount Options

Elven Horse (No Honour) 30 pts
Reaver Chariot (No Honour) 30 pts
Giant Eagle (No Honour) 40 pts
Griffon (No Honour) 200 pts
Giant Eagle (Fleet Officer) 50 pts
Lion Chariot (Royal Huntsman) 145 pts
Griffon (Fleet Officer) 215 pts
Sky Sloop (Fleet Officer) 260 pts
Elven Horse (Queen’s Cavalier) 30 pts
Young Dragon (Queen’s Cavalier) 250 pts
Dragon (Queen’s Cavalier) (0-2 per Army) 430 pts