Orc Chief

Tamaño:Estandar Tipo:Infantry Base:25x25mm
115pts Miniatura Individual
Global Av Mar Dis Model Rules
4" 8" 8
Defensive PV Def Res Arm
3 5 5 0
Offensive At Of Fu PA Agi
Common Orc Chief 3 5 4 1 3
Common Orc Chief:


Es el General (1-1 per Army) free
PortaEstandarte de Batalla 50 pts
Equipo especial up to 100 pts
Must Choice (one choice only)
Common Orc free
Armadura Pesada (Common Orc)
Feral Orc 30 pts
Iron Orc 50 pts
Plate Armour (Iron Orc)
Bow (4+) (no Iron Orc) 5 pts
Armadura Ligera (Feral Orc) 5 pts
May take any
Shield 5 pts
Armas Emparejadas 5 pts
Great Weapon 10 pts
Lance 10 pts

Mount Options

War Boar (Common Orc) 40 pts
Orc Boar Chariot (Common Orc) 80 pts
Wyvern (Common Orc) 160 pts
War Boar (Feral Orc) 30 pts
Wyvern (Feral Orc) 180 pts
War Boar (Iron Orc) 40 pts
Wyvern (Iron Orc) 175 pts