Mammoth Hunter

190 pts Miniatura Individual
Tropas M HA HP F R H I A Ld Tipo de tropa
Mammoth Hunter 7 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 9 Monstrous Infantry


May take a single Big Name (no pt limit)
Hellfist 240 pts
Rottenjaw 70 pts
Trolleater 70 pts
Headhunter 40 pts
Spinesplitter 40 pts
Hoardmaster 40 pts
Wildheart 30 pts
Puede escoger Objetos Mágicos up to 100 pts
May gain Leader of the Pack free
May replace Hunting Spear with Ogre Crossbow free
One choice only
Armas Emparejadas 10 pts
Iron Fist 30 pts
Lanza de Caballería 20 pts
Arma a dos Manos 30 pts
One choice only
Scout 20 pts
Tusker 80 pts
Rock Auroch and lose Light Troops 450 pts