Totems are special upgrades that certain BeastHerds Characters and Champions may take. Each Totem contains one or more Totem Bound Spells (Power Level 3) with Duration: Last One Turn that can be cast by its bearer.
List of Totems :
Gnarled Hide Totem : The unit gains Innate Defence (6+) and Distracting.
Blooded Horn Totem : The unit gains +1 Attack and Armour Piercing (2).
Clouded Eye Totem : The unit gains Hard Target and Magic Resistance (3).
Black Wing Totem : The unit gains +3 Initiative and adds D3+1" to its Charge Range.
An army cannot attempt to cast Totem Bound Spells of the same kind more than twice in the same Magic Phase, regardless of which model is the caster. Only one Totem Bound Spell can affect a unit at a time (the one most recently successfully cast).

Champions and Characters bear different kinds of Totems:

Totem Bearers :
Totems born by Champions contain a single Bound Spell chosen from the list above that must be written down on the Army List, and that has type: Caster's Unit.

Greater Totem Bearers :
Greater Totems born by Characters contain all four Bound Spells from the list above, that have type: Augment and Range 18".