Combined Strength

Skink Braves may add Caimans to their unit. These Caimans are R&F models of a different Troop Type (Monstrous Infantry). Follow the normal rules for determining if the type of the ​unit​ is considered to be an Infantry or Monstrous Infantry unit (See Troop Types). Caimans follow the rules for matching bases (see Front Rank), except that they do not have to be placed as far forward as possible, but can be placed anywhere in the unit. Skink Braves and Caimans in the same unit do not share a common wound pool even though they are both R&F models. Instead each type have their own wound pool (wounds are never passed between the types, any excess wounds are lost)
- Distributing Hits: ​When distributing hits (i.e. for attacks towards the unit as a whole) to the unit, first distribute hits between R&F models, champion and/or character(s). Then randomize all hits distributed onto R&F models. Roll a D6 for each hit:​1-4​: a Skink Brave is hit. ​5-6​: a Caiman is hit.

- Stomps: ​When distributing hits from Stomps, ignore all models in the unit that are not Infantry. Hits distributed onto Skink Braves are not randomized.

- Allocating Attacks: ​In close combat, attacks can be allocated as normal towards different wound pools in base contact; Skink Braves, Caimans, Champion, Character(s).

- Swirling Melee: ​Any enemy allocating attacks using the Swirling Melee rule (i.e. attacking Rank-and-File models not in base contact) may choose to do this either against Skink Braves or against Caimans. If this is used to attack Caimans, the attacks suffer a -1 to-hit modifier.