Telepathic Link

A Cuatl Lord may cast spells oftype “Damage”through a model with this special rule if itis within 24" ofthe Cuatl Lord.
When casting through the Telepathic Link, measure the Range for the spell from the Telepathic Link and use its Front Arc and Line of Sight. The Range ofthe spell is reduced by half. The Cuatl Lord may cast spells oftype “Missile” even if it is Engaged in Combat as long as the Telepathic Link is not. If the spell is miscast, the Cuatl Lord rolls on the Miscast Table as normal and the Telepathic Link suffers a Strength MDU+1 hit. If the Cuatl Lord casts a spell through a Telepathic Link, the attribute gets cast through it as well (measure Range and use Front Arc and Line of Sightfrom the Telepathic Link ). The “caster” is still considered to be Cuatl Lord.