War Platform

Models with this special rule may join units as if they were Characters, even if they are not Characters and even if they are Large Targets, and follow the rules for Characters with regards to distributing hits. While joined to and moving with a unit consisting of 5 or more models (besides the War Platform itself) a model with the War Platform special rule may March even though its Troop Type would normally forbid it, for example if it is a Chariot. When joined to a unit, it must always be placed in the centre of the front rank, possibly pushing back models with the Front Rank rule, and must keep its position in the centre of the front rank at all times. If two positions are equally central (this is the case in a unit with an even number of models in the first rank), the War Platform can be placed in either of these positions. If the War Plattform cannot be placed in the centre of the the front rank (for example due to Mismatching bases or the front rank being too narrow), the model cannot join the unit. This means that a War Platform can never join a unit with Mismatching bases and that only a single War Platform can ever be in the same unit. Models with this rule lose Swiftstride.