Divine Blessings

At the beginning of each friendly Player Turn and before the battle (after moving Vanguarding units), choose one ofthe following effects. Effects lasts until the start ofthe nextfriendly Player Turn (check and update which friendly units are within range throughout this period).
All friendly units within 12" of the Divine Altar gain Lethal Strike. Any Close Combat Attacks that already had Lethal Strike must reroll failed rolls to wound. Mounts are unaffected.
- All friendly units within 12" of the Divine Altar gain a Ward Save (5+) against Wounds caused by Artillery Weapons. If the opponent has the first Player Turn, apply this effect just before moving Vanguarding units.
- When choosing this effect, nominate an enemy unit on the battlefield. All Friendly units within 12" of the Divine Altar may reroll failed rolls when determining the Charge Range against the nominated unit.
Other models with Towering Presence cannot benefit from Divine Blessings. A single unit cannot be affected by more than one Divine Blessing at any time. If under the influence of more than one, only apply the most recently used one.