The first time a Fire Phoenix loses its last wound, the owner must roll a D6. On a roll of 5+ (or 3+ if this model is a Ridden Monster) place a marker centered on the centre of the model’s final position. If the roll fails then the model counts as a casualty. Otherwise, at the start of the remaining moves sub-phase in the next Player Turn, the owner places the Fire Phoenix model (including its rider if it had one) back onto the table. The center of the model must be placed within 3" of its marker and more than 1" away from other models and impassable terrain, facing any direction (if this is not possible, the Fire Phoenix cannot be returned and counts as a casualty). The returned model is the same model that left the game, including any and all ongoing effects (such as Remains in Play spells affecting the model), with the exception that it always returns with only 1 Wound left.