Multiple Wounds

Unsaved Wounds caused by attacks with this special rule or by Close Combat Attacks from model parts with this
special rule are multiplied into the value given in brackets (X). If the value is a Dice (such as “Multiple Wounds
(D3)"), roll one such Dice for each unsaved Wound with this special rule. The amount of Wounds that the attack is
multiplied into can never be higher than the Wounds Characteristic of the Target (excluding Wounds suffered
previously in the battle). For example, if a Multiple Wounds (D6) attack wounds a Troll (W3) and rolls a ‘5' for the
amount of Wounds, this is reduced to 3 Wounds.

If (Ordnance) is stated after the X value in brackets, an unsaved wound caused by attacks with this special rule to a
model with Fly is multiplied into X+1 instead of X.

Sometimes this rule is connected to certain Troop Types or special rules. If this is the case, the Troop Type will be
given within brackets (Y), for example Multiple Wounds (2, Infantry). If this is the case, only apply the Multiple
Wounds rule when attacking models of the given Troop Type or possessing the given special rules.