Random Movement

Units with this Special Rule cannot Declare Charges and cannot move in the Remaining Moves sub-phase. Instead, they move in the Compulsory Movements sub-phase. Models with this Special Rule always Charge, Flee, Pursue and Overrun the distance stated in brackets, and can never benefit from Swiftstride. During the Compulsory Movements sub-phase, Units with this Special Rule move using the rules for pursuing Units, except that they can freely choose which direction to rotate towards before rolling the Pursuit Distance, cannot move off the Board Edge and only take dangerous terrain tests if they actually charge an enemy unit. If a Unit with this Special Rule is garrisoning a building, it must leave it by placing the Unit 1” away from the building (or as close as possible) during the Compulsory Moves sub-phase, and then move, using the normal rules for Random Movement. (It may not charge in the same turn. If it would, it stops 1” before the enemy Unit instead). Characters with Random Movement can only join Units with the same Special Rule (by moving into contact with them during the Compulsory Moves sub-phase), and Units with this rule can only be joined by Random Movement Characters. If a Unit has several sets of Random Movement, use the lowest one.