Fey Arrows

There are 6 different types of Fey Arrows and they have different effects when fired from a Longbow. Models equipped with Fey Arrows may always choose between the following effects when shooting (all R&F models in a unit must choose
the same effect):

1) Use the Longbow’s normal rules
2) Ignore penalties for Moving and Shooting, lose Volley Fire, and apply the arrow-specific rules below:

Black Arrow: Strength 4 on Short Range, Armour Piercing (1) on Long Range
Hawthorn Point: Poisoned Attacks
Truemark Arrow: Ignore to-hit modifiers from Cover, Skirmishers and Long Range
Starlight Shaft: Magical Attacks, Flaming Attacks, Divine Attacks
Perforating Tip: Armour Piercing (3)
Jewelweed Shot: Multiple Shots (2)